Turquoise Silver Ring

About Turquoise Silver Rings

Turquoise silver rings may not be as popular as other fashion accessories using this stone, but they are still extremely commonplace, and they come in a large enough variety of styles to suit nearly anyone that wants finger decoration. However, it’s important that shoppers know just what they’re looking for before they even think about buying a turquoise silver ring.

One of The Oldest Stones

While not always in turquoise silver rings, the stone has a long history of value and trade among peoples. This is especially true among Native Americans and Central American tribes, stretching back to the time of the Aztecs and before. Turquoise was a valuable stone and it was used to make a wide variety of accessories including necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and of course rings. However, turquoise silver rings wouldn’t become popular until the mid-1800s in America.

What Led to Turquoise Silver Rings?

Turquoise silver rings, and turquoise silver jewelry, in general, is more of a recent addition to American culture. Turquoise silver rings became a cultural thing around the 1850s, where traditional use of turquoise by Native American tribes was combined with the skills of silversmiths to create beautiful jewelry. These unique creations, which included turquoise silver rings, pendants, bracelets, etc. caught on relatively quickly with the populace. Since that time turquoise silver rings have firmly carved out their niche, and they’ve become the accessory of choice for a number of different, identifiable groups.

Who Wears Turquoise Silver Rings?

There are a large number of people who wear turquoise silver rings. For instance, these rings are often worn by those in new age subcultures, particularly as turquoise is seen as having positive properties as a stone. Turquoise silver rings are worn by modern Native Americans, but they’re also popular with general residents of the American Southwest since that is where their stone has been marketed so heavily. Turquoise silver rings of a particularly exotic or unique design may also be worn by those on the fashion scene to show off their taste and style.

Turquoise Silver Ring Varieties

Turquoise silver rings can use a variety of stone cuts and colors, including blue-green, white, red and orange. Some turquoise silver rings use raw chunks of stone, whereas others will use finished stones that have been cut and polished to a particular shine and shape. There’s a huge variety of these rings, and there’s something for everyone!

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