Turquoise Silver Necklace

About the Turquoise Silver Necklace

The turquoise silver necklace was first created by Native Americans as a symbol of personal power or achievements depending on the patterns and styles the necklace was created in. Additional adornments such as bits of bone, teeth or hide were originally used as part of the design. The choice of bead, stone, and symbol is important to the wearer of a turquoise necklace. The story of a person’s life and their achievements were often displayed on that turquoise silver necklace. As times, this changed and so did the way the turquoise necklace style.

History of the Turquoise Silver Necklace

The Navajo were the first known Native Americans to perfect the silversmith methods used to create a turquoise silver necklace. They were sought after by many traders, merchants and travelers throughout the world. The different styles, patterns, and designs created a large market for the different designs and styles of the turquoise silver necklace.

The turquoise silver necklace represents the beliefs, stories, and myths that have developed over the years. They really enforce the length of time that turquoise has been a part of our worldwide culture. Egyptians believed the stone would ward off sickness and provide warriors with strength in battle. Tribes in the Americas felt that the turquoise provided long life, health, and protection. It is easy to see how important a simple turquoise necklace was too many cultures around the world.

Turquoise Silver Necklace: Spiritual Beliefs

Today, our countries and cultures value the turquoise silver necklace for a variety of reasons. Some enjoy the historical symbolism of the turquoise necklace. Other people like precious stones and their combinations with different precious metals. Still, others use the turquoise silver necklace as a type of healing implement.

Different cultures create different styles to represent their beliefs and their customs. The turquoise silver necklace came to be a tool to help heal spiritually both emotionally and physically. Some believe that the stone in a turquoise silver necklace provides an inner strength. There is the belief that if the turquoise necklace is held against the instep of the foot, it will aid in healing.

Egyptians carried the turquoise because they felt it was as precious as gold and was a gift from the gods. Populations of tribes in what is now Iran built mosques and temples with turquoise. Later wearing a turquoise silver necklace was a symbol of prestige and power. The value of the necklace changes with the wearer but it never loses its appeal.

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