Turquoise Silver Bracelet

About the Turquoise Silver Bracelet

Turquoise Silver Bracelet: The Native American Showpiece!

There’s nothing quite like a gorgeous piece of jewelry, especially a stunning turquoise silver bracelet. Native American jewelry is in a class of its own, and for many generations has brought pleasure and beauty to those who put it on.

Tremendous Turquoise Tradition

There’s something captivating about the look of real turquoise. You cannot take your eyes off it. It’s believed the Navajo first hand-crafted turquoise/silver jewelry. Then the tradition spread to the Zuni and Hopi who have made famous the elegant turquoise silver bracelet.

The striking opaque blue-to-green mineral often seen in a popular turquoise silver bracelet, makes for a unique ornamental gem. Native Americans discovered turquoise deposits were often found close to the surface of the earth, and probably began to dig for them.

Turquoise Silver Bracelet Symbolism

Those looking for healing of the soul/spirit would be wise to wear this incredible mineral/gem as a turquoise silver bracelet. Believers say that turquoise encourages the grounding of the spirit, and at the same time keeps its connection to the infinite open.

Turquoise allows the energy path to remain crystal-clear. Many Native Americans strongly believe that by wearing this gem, such as a turquoise silver bracelet on the body, the human mind becomes one with the universe.

Turquoise Silver Bracelet: Timeless

A turquoise silver bracelet can last and last if treated with a little TLC. It’s a statement jewelry piece that makes for an intelligent investment. Both sterling and turquoise are composed of durable materials.

Famous celebrities also find Native American pieces classic and elegant. Model Christie Brinkley has often been photographed wearing individual, hand-crafted pieces: a squash blossom necklace, turquoise-beaded chandeliers, and Zuni petit point turquoise silver bracelet. Eva Mendes has often worn a turquoise bracelet, also.

Petit-Point Turquoise Silver Bracelet

The turquoise bracelet cuff is instantly recognizable globally. Many women long for these impressive pieces of arm candy. The design of a Zuni petit point turquoise silver bracelet is bold and yet delicate at the same time. Petit-point is usually noted by it turquoise rice shape.

It takes many hours of tedious work by Zuni Indian artisans to craft a petit point turquoise silver bracelet, for example. The multiple rice-shaped stones are hand cut then clustered to form the unique design of a pendant, ring or turquoise bracelet.


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